The new look of Office

Starting in the Summer of 2018, and rolling out over the next few months, Office will have a refreshed look to help you be more productive. You can read more about it in our public announcement, here. Let's take a look at some of the changes you may already be seeing.

Simplified Ribbon

In Office Online the ribbon you're used to seeing looks like this:

The ribbon in Word Online

Now you can choose to use the simplified ribbon, which looks like this:

The simplified ribbon in Word Online

The simplified ribbon works in the same way that the traditional ribbon does. There are tabs across the top, and commands on each tab. The simplified ribbon, however, is more streamlined to use less space on the screen.

You can toggle back and forth between them by using the Simplified Ribbon switch, which is towards the top right of the window.

Customers who are participating in our Insiders Fast program for Office 365 may also start seeing the simplified ribbon in Outlook on their Windows desktop. For more information see Use the Simplified Ribbon in Outlook.

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