Sync notebooks automatically or manually in OneNote for Windows 8

OneNote for Windows 8 automatically keeps your cloud-based notebooks in sync at all times, no matter how often you edit, reorganize, or make changes. After a service interruption (for example, the loss of Internet connection during a long flight), OneNote automatically syncs your notes as soon as you’re connected again.

On occasion, you may prefer to manually sync your notes (for example, after pasting a large amount of notes or documents into a notebook right before you need to shut down). Manually syncing makes sure that all of your newest changes are immediately uploaded, allowing other authors in a shared notebook to see all of these changes right away.

To manually sync a notebook:
  1. On any page, tap the gripper icon next to Recent Notes in the top left corner.

  2. In the gray pane that appears on the left, tap and hold the name of the notebook you want to sync. A bold border and check mark appear around the notebook to confirm when it's selected.

  3. In the app bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap Sync.

Manually syncing any notebook will not interrupt or stop OneNote’s recurring automatic and ongoing syncing of notebooks.

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