Stay on top of Office 365 changes

With Office 365, you receive new product updates and features as they become available instead of scheduled updates that are months or years apart. As a result, you and your users will routinely experience new and improved ways to do your job rather than a costly and time-consuming company-wide upgrade. The challenge with such a model is keeping up with the changes and updates. Here are a few ways that you can stay on top of the Office 365 updates in your organization.

Stay on top of Office 365 changes



How to use

Message center

Learn about official announcements and changes. Read these messages in the Office 365 admin center, the admin mobile app, or receive a weekly digest in email. You can also use the Service Communications API to retrieve messages. Share these messages with others in your organization.

Sign in to the admin center or admin mobile app. Choose Health > Message center. Select a message to read or share.

Change the messages you see or opt-in to the weekly digest by choosing Edit Message center preferences.

Overview of the Office 365 Message Center

Targeted release

Sign up for Targeted release for yourself and a select group of individuals at your organization. Get the latest Office 365 updates before everyone else and then inform or train your users on the new experience.

Sign in to the admin center or admin mobile app. Choose Settings > Organization profile > Release preferences. Learn more about Targeted release.


Visit the Office 365 Roadmap to learn about features that have been launched, are rolling out, are in development, have been cancelled, or previously released. The roadmap is the official site for Office 365 updates and changes.

Visit the Office 365 Roadmap frequently and learn about planned updates and releases.

Blogs and Community

Visit Office Blogs, Microsoft Community, and Microsoft Tech Community to learn more details about changes in Office 365 and share experiences with other users.

Visit Office Blogs. Visit Microsoft Community. Visit Microsoft Tech Community.

Learn more

Learn more about managing Office 365 at Office 365 for business – Admin help.

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