Sort and filter the data for a mail merge in Word for Mac

In some instances, you may not want to use all the information in your mail merge recipients list. You have the option to select just some of the people in the list, and also sort and filter the data, so you include only what you want in the mail merge.

Sort and filter the mail merge list

  1. Open the mail merge document, if it isn’t already open.

  2. Click Mailings > Edit Recipients.

    Click to edit the recipients list

    If Edit Recipients is grayed out, click Select Recipients and connect the document to the mailing list you want to use.

  3. In Edit List Entries, to add or remove people in the list, click the plus (+) sign to add a person or the minus (-) sign to remove a person from the list.

    Click the plus or minus signs to add or remove people from the list.

  4. When you're finished selecting the people you want to have in your list, click OK.

Sort the list to find groups

You can sort your list of recipients to group your information in certain ways. For example, if you want to send email only to people who live in specific cities, sort by city, so that all the people in each city are grouped together. That will make it easier to select them when you start the merge.

  1. Click Mailings >Filter Recipients.

  2. Click Sort Records > Sort By, and select the field name you want to sort by.

    Click Sort Records to sort items in the mail merge

    To sort by multiple fields—for example, by state and then by city, click Then By, and then select the additional fields you want to sort by.

    Click to sort by multiple fields

  3. When all of the fields are sorted how you want, click OK.

Filter the list to view only the rows you want to include

You can filter the list so that just the people or items you want to include in the merge appear—for example, only people in a specific city or inventory items at a specific price.

  1. Click Mailings >Filter Recipients.

    Click to filter mail merge list

  2. In Filter Records, click the arrow next to the Field box, and then click the column you want to filter by, for example Title or Last_Name.

    Click the field you want to filter by

  3. Click Comparison, and then click the type of comparison you want to make.

    Click the Comparison options you want to set

  4. In the Compare to box, type the value for the filter. For example, if you select City in the Field list, type the name of the city.

  5. Click And or Or, and then add another condition to your filter. For example, if you want the results for two cities, click Or, click City in the Field list, click Equal to, and then type the name of the second city.

  6. Click OK.

Now you’re ready to insert mail merge fields in the document you’re using for email merge or labels. For more information, see Insert mail merge fields.

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