Share work on an enterprise project

With Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007, you can check out a project that you are working on, send it to someone else for review, and then check the file back into Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 with changes made by the reviewer. This can be particularly helpful in a situation where the reviewer does not have access to your Project Server.

Important: The person with whom you are sharing the project must have Office Project Professional 2007 or Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007 installed.

Check out and save the file for sharing

  1. Start Office Project Professional 2007 and connect to Project Server 2007.

  2. Click Open Button image .

  3. In the Open dialog box, click Enterprise Projects, and then either double-click a project from the list to open it from your local cache, or double-click Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server to open a project from the server.

  4. After the project is open, on the File menu, click Save For Sharing.

  5. In the Save in box, select the drive and folder where you want to save the project.

  6. In the File name box, type a name for the shared project.

    Tip: It is a good idea to name the project using some indication that it is a shared project. For example, for a project called Organize customer conference, you might name the shared version Organize customer conference - Shared.

After you save a file for sharing, you can send the saved file to someone else to make changes directly in the project plan. While the project is being shared, you cannot open the file for editing from Project Server 2007. Only the shared file can be modified.

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Check in the file

When all changes have been made to the shared file, the next step is to save the changes back to Project Server 2007.

To save the changes in the shared file back to the file on Project Server 2007, open the shared file on the computer where you initially saved the file for sharing, and then connect to Project Server 2007. On the File menu, click Save As, and then click Save. The version of the file saved on the server is updated, and the project is no longer only available in read-only format.


  • The shared file can only be saved back to Project Server 2007 from the computer where you initially saved it for sharing.

  • If there are pending operations for the project, such as task updates from team members, you must wait for those pending operations to finish processing before you can successfully save the project for sharing.

  • To make further changes to a shared project after it has been saved back to Project Server 2007, you must save the project for sharing again. The shared file can only be saved back to Project Server 2007 one time.

  • If the shared file is lost or becomes unavailable for any reason, the server administrator can force a check-in of the project on Project Server 2007.

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