Set up your Yammer network (Yammer activation guide)

Now that you have activated Yammer Enterprise, you can set up your Yammer network. Follow the steps in this article to add Yammer to the Office 365 navigation bar and add admins and users to Yammer.

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Yammer activation guide

Set up your Yammer network    

Frequently asked questions

Add Yammer to the Office 365 app launcher

Office 365 and SharePoint Online and Yammer customers will be familiar with the Office 365 app launcher that is available from the top corner of your portal. After you activate Yammer, Yammer, it is automatically added to the app launcher to make it easier for people in your organization to join and use Yammer from within Office 365.

Tip: This doesn’t apply to Yammer Enterprise standalone customers, as users do not see an Office 365 app launcher.

Screenshot of the Office 365 app launcher with Yammer displayed

Add and manage users on Yammer

People are the core of the enterprise social network, so invite your team to get started on Yammer via the Yammer Admin Center. Depending on the size of your company, there are direct actions that you can take as a Yammer Verified Admin to get your team onto Yammer all at once.

Users who are added via the Office 365 Admin Portal are automatically added to your Yammer Network when they log in. For more information, see Manage Yammer users across their lifecycle from Office 365.

You can also add users individually to Yammer using the following method.

To add users to Yammer
  1. Add users in bulk from the Yammer Network Admin center by choosing Network Admin> Users and then one of these options:

    • Invite Users     click import an address book to import email addresses from, Gmail, Plaxo, or Yahoo accounts, or upload a contacts file from email applications such as Outlook and Apple Mail.

    • Bulk Update Users     allows you to import a .csv file exported from your enterprise email applications.

  2. If you want to automate provisioning and deprovisioning users or want to use single sign-on, see Manage Yammer users across their life cycle from Office 365 and Office 365 sign-in for Yammer to decide which options work best for your organization. You can use the options available for Office 365, or you can use the following methods from Yammer:

    • Use Active Directory Sync to automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of users by syncing data with the company directory. Read Yammer Directory Sync for setup instructions, and configure additional settings by choosing Network Admin > Users > Directory Integration.

    • Integrate Yammer with your company’s single sign-on (SSO) portal, which stores your different enterprise apps’ URLs, user names, and passwords for convenient and secure access.

      Tip: This integration requires support from Yammer, so contact Yammer Support. Go to Yammer Enterprise Support for your region, and then select Problem type: Administration and Category: Single sign-on (SSO) or Category: Active Directory synchronization for assistance.


    • Yammer SSO and Yammer DSync are being deprecated and will stop working after December 1st, 2016. You will not be able to set up new configurations with Yammer SSO and DSync after April 1st, 2016.

    • For more information about the deprecation and how to transition out of Yammer SSO and Yammer DSync, see Plan for Yammer SSO and DSync deprecation.

Appoint More Yammer admins

A successful Yammer network depends on active community management and network adoption. Appoint additional admins from across your company to serve different functions–from managing technical integrations to driving community adoption and best practices.

Yammer admins can customize branding, enable and disable features, integrate Yammer with other enterprise applications, manage users, monitor activity, export data, and more. Learn more about Yammer Admin capabilities in the Yammer Admin Guide.

To appoint Yammer admins
  1. In your Yammer Admin Center, go to Network Admins > Admins.

    Screenshot showing the list of admins
  2. Review the Office 365 Global Admins who have been synced to Yammer as Verified Admin, which is indicated by a button that reads Change Status of Office 365 Admins. By using this button to remove a user as a Global Admin, you can revoke other Office 365 Global Admins from having Yammer Admin rights.

  3. Enter the user you want to appoint under Appoint Additional Admins. Admins who are appointed within Yammer do not become Office 365 Global Admins, and they have access only to the Yammer Admin Center.

  4. Newly appointed admins are designated Network Admins and have restricted rights. To assign full administrative rights, click Grant Verified Admin.

Verified Admins can also grant Verified Admin privileges to others, and they can grant or revoke these privileges any time. Please note that you cannot remove yourself as an admin. You must ask another Office 365 Global Admin to do this.


You have now activated your Yammer Enterprise network and taken the first steps on your journey to working social!

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