Set up Time Clock for Shifts

Time clock makes time tracking a snap. (Actually, it’s a tap.) Employees can clock in and out using their mobile devices. Managers can set up optional location detection, which documents whether or not employees are present at a given location when they clock in and out. These settings can be changed or removed any time you want. 

Set up Time Clock

  1. In Shifts, go to Settings in the top left area of the app screen, scroll down to Time Clock.

  2. You’ll see a brief overview. When you’re done with that­, click Begin setup.

Include optional location detection

If you want your employees to clock in and out from a specific location, turn on location detection. This allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere but will notify them and document the instance if they’re not on location. Your employees will need to allow Teams GPS permissions. Time Clock records their location only when they clock in and out.

  1. Check Include location detection and fill in your desired workplace's coordinates.

  2. Click Turn on


  • Employees’ mobile GPS permissions are required. Let your team know that Time Clock will prompt for GPS access. 

  • GPS locations are approximate. Occasionally employees may be inaccurately marked as off location.

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