Set the month a fiscal year starts with

You can set the month on which the fiscal year sets if it differs from January, or the start of the Gregorian calendar.

Set when the fiscal year starts

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Calendar tab.

  2. In the Fiscal year starts in box, click the month with which you want the fiscal year to start.

  3. If you want to label the fiscal year by using the calendar year in which that fiscal year begins (rather than the calendar year in which it ends), select the Use starting year for FY numbering check box.

  4. If you want to use the current settings, not only for the active project file but also for all future project files, click Set as Default.

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Change the timescale to reflect the new fiscal-year setting

You can change how the timescale of a sheet view (such as the Gantt Chart view, Task Usage view, or Resource Usage view) displays the new fiscal-year settings. Keep in mind it is the fiscal-year setting that controls how time is displayed on the timescale, but that it doesn't change the way that task dates and assignment dates appear in a view.

  1. On the View menu, click the view you want to change, such as Gantt Chart, Task Usage, or Resource Usage.

  2. On the Format menu, click Timescale.

  3. On the tab for each timescale tier in which you want to use your new fiscal-year setting (the Top Tier, Middle Tier, or Bottom Tier tab or any combination), select the Use fiscal year check box.

  4. On the tabs for the timescales that you want to display, also do the following:

    • In the Units boxes, click the timescale units that you want to use.

    • In the Label boxes, click the labels that you want to use.

Note: Settings can be changed only in the timescale of the current view. To update the timescale in another view, click that view on the View menu, and then repeat steps 2-4.

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