Send an estimate to a customer or prospect with Microsoft Invoicing

You can send an estimate (a quote) to existing customers or prospects – it works almost the same way as sending an invoice, but with the estimate you’re sending a draft that the customer can accept or not.

Send an estimate to a customer

  1. In the Business center, go to Invoicing, choose Estimates, and then choose the link to get started creating an estimate.

    Empty list of estimates in Microsoft Invoicing

  2. Enter the customer’s name and email address. If the estimate is for a prospect, you’ll be guided through adding them to Invoicing.

  3. Fill in the lines by adding the products that you want to suggest to your customer or prospect.

  4. Optionally, apply a discount to the individual lines or the whole document.

  5. Send the estimate. If you're not ready to send the estimate, simply close it by clicking the X and agree to save the draft.

If the customer accepts the estimate, you can turn it into an invoice

Change an estimate into an invoice

  1. In the Business center preview, go to Invoicing, and then choose Estimates.

  2. Find the estimate that your customer has accepted and open it.

  3. Make any relevant changes, and then choose Make invoice.

  4. You’ll be asked to confirm that this is what you want to do.

  5. Choose Yes.

The estimate is changed to a draft invoice that you can then send to your customer as agreed.

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