Revoking membership to a workspace

For a variety of reasons, you may sometimes need to revoke, or "uninvite," someone's membership in a Groove workspace. Before you do this activity, it is important to understand the results and consequences of revoking membership to a workspace:

  • The workspace is deleted from all computers on which the uninvited members had it installed.

    If an uninvited member is currently online, the workspace is deleted immediately. If not, the workspace is deleted the next time the uninvited member goes online.

    Uninvited members are NOT warned about any pending uninvite operation, or about the fact that they are about to lose the workspace. Instead, they simply receive a notification, after the fact, that they have been uninvited from the workspace.

    As a courtesy, the member performing the uninvite operation may want to send out a warning message to members who will be affected, stating when the operation will take place, and recommending options, such as creating a duplicate or a backup copy of the workspace (if the members to be uninvited care about keeping the data).

  • The name(s) of uninvited member(s) are immediately removed from the Members pane.

Note: You can uninvite people from a workspace only if your role has the required permissions.

  1. In the Members pane, right-click the person you want to uninvite and then click Uninvite.

  2. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to confirm.

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