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Responding to alerts

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SharePoint Workspace displays a variety of alerts. These alerts do any of the following:

  • Notify you about new messages or invitations.

  • Notify you about unread information in a workspace or workspace tool.

  • Inform you about the status of messages you have sent or workspace invitations you have sent or accepted.

Click notifier alerts to navigate to the associated message or information. Click informational alerts to close the alert.

You can also right-click an alert to see menu options:

  • For a message alert, click Open or Delete.

  • For an invitation alert, click Open, Delete, or Decline.

    If you decline an invitation, an alert notifies the sender that you have declined their invitation.

  • For an unread information alert, click Open to go to the tool that contains the unread information, or click Dismiss to close the alert.

  • For alerts that track the status of messages or invitations, click Stop Tracking to close these alerts permanently.

Suppressing alerts

You can stop SharePoint Workspace from displaying alerts. This is useful if you are receiving a high volume of alerts and find it distracting.

To suppress alerts, on the File tab, click Info, click Manage Alerts, and then click Suppress Alerts.

You will still receive data (such as new messages and invitations) while alerts are suppressed, except that the alert indicator will simply blink above the SharePoint Workspace icon in the Windows notification area, and no alerts will display.

To resume showing alerts, on the File tab, click Info, click Manage Alerts, and then click Suppress Alerts.

Tip: If you are unsure of whether you have suppressed alerts, click the SharePoint Workspace icon in your Windows taskbar. A checkmark appears next to Suppress Alerts if this feature is enabled. You can also enable or disable the feature from the taskbar icon.

Suppress Alerts option is enabled

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