Refresh data in Visio for the web

When you view a diagram, you can refresh data in it to see any updates that were made to the linked data source. With the ability to refresh data, your diagram is like a live dashboard to which you and your team can continually refer.

Conceptual image showing the link between a Visio file and its data source.

Create a data connection

  1. Before you begin:

    • Choose a data source, either an Excel workbook uploaded to SharePoint Online or a SharePoint list.

    • Save the URL of the data source.

  2. Open the diagram in Visio 2013 or later and link the shapes to the data source using the URL saved in step 1. For more information, see Import data to shapes in your drawing.

  3. Once you have successfully linked the data source, upload your diagram to SharePoint Online. Make sure that the data source and diagram are stored in the same SharePoint site. For more information on uploading, see Upload a folder or files to a document library.

  4. Share the link of the uploaded diagram with your colleagues who can now see the most up-to-date data in the dashboard. For more information on sharing, see Share a diagram or conversation in Visio for the web.

Refresh the data in your diagram

  1. Open your diagram for viewing. For more information, see View, create, and edit a diagram in Visio for the web.

    You should see the following Refresh disabled alert message:

    Refresh disabled alert message in Visio for the web Public Preview.
  2. To enable refreshing, select Allow Refresh.

  3. To see more information about the data connection, select Details.

  4. Select Refresh Data to refresh all data sources in the diagram.

    Visio for the web Public Preview Refresh Data option

    If the Refresh Data command is unavailable (appears greyed out or dimmed) there are no data connections that have linked shapes on the current page and other pages, or the diagram is a Data Visualizer diagram.

When a data conflict happens

Conflicts may arise if you make a change to the data source, such as deleting linked rows or creating a new row with the same unique identifier as another row. In both cases, when you are viewing a diagram, the Refresh Data command cannot refresh the data in all of the shapes because it can no longer match each shape to a row. If such conflicts occur, the Refresh Conflicts window appears. If you see this alert, open the file in Visio and correct the problem.

Refreshing a Data Visualizer diagram

When you are viewing a Data Visualizer diagram, you can't refresh the diagram using the Refresh command. To see the latest Excel data in the diagram, open the diagram in Visio 2016 or later, select the diagram container, and then select Data > Refresh.

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