Produce an external encoder live event in Teams

Produce an external encoder live event in Teams

Note: Live events are a preview feature in Microsoft Teams. Enjoy your sneak peek!

In a Teams live event, you can stream video from an external hardware- or software-based encoder to Microsoft Stream if your encoder supports Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

  1. In Teams, click Meetings Meetings button , select your live event from the calendar, and click Join.

    Note: The Teams calendar only goes 15 days into the future. You can also join the event by selecting it from your Outlook calendar and clicking Join live event.

  2. Until you start the event, you'll see the title, date, and time in the Encoder preview window.

  3. Click Start setup.

    Note: Setup might take some time to complete.

  4. Once you see the message Ready to connect, copy the server ingest URL into your encoder to start ingesting. You can find the URL on the Settings tab.

    If you need some tips for setting up external encoders, see this list of supported encoders.

  5. Once you start streaming from the encoder to the ingest point, you should see the preview of the video feed from the encoder in Encoder preview.

    Note: Attendees won't see this preview until you start the live event.

  6. When you are satisfied with your setup and video preview, click Start event. Once the live event starts, the video feed from the encoder is broadcast to the attendees.

    Live event settings panel
  7. If Q&A was configured for the event, moderate it by clicking Q&A Q&A button in the right panel.

  8. Click Chat Open chat button in the right panel to talk to other producers or presenters.

  9. To end the event, click End event. Remember—once the live event ends, it cannot be restarted.

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