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Partners: Offer delegated administration

Note:  This feature is available only to Microsoft Cloud Partners who are certified to offer delegated administration.

When you administer an organization’s account on behalf of a client, you’re providing delegated administration. As a delegated administrator, you can perform tasks such as adding users, resetting passwords, and adding domains.

Before you can start administering a client's account, the client must authorize you as a delegated administrator. To get client approval, you first send them an offer for delegated administration, which you can include with a trial invitation or purchase offer. You can also offer delegated administration to your client at a later time.

For more information about creating trial invitations, see Create a trial invitation. For more information about creating a purchase offer, see Create a purchase offer.

Use this procedure if you want to offer delegated administration at a later time.

Send a delegated administration offer

  1. If you manage 100 or more clients, navigate to Partner overview > Send delegated administration offers.

  2. If you manage fewer than 100 clients, navigate to Build your business > delegate admin offer.

  3. Copy the information and offer URL for the delegated administration, and then paste it into a customized email, document, or webpage.

  4. Send the offer to your client.

This offer isn’t client-specific; you can reuse this offer for multiple clients.

When your client receives your offer, the message contains a link that they can follow to grant you delegated administration privileges. If the client accepts your offer, you receive an email with their response. When you’re authorized as a delegated administrator, you can then access the client’s account and administer their services on their behalf.

Note: Delegated access to Mobile Device Management for Office 365 is not supported.

Assign permissions for delegated administration

As a partner, you have your own account with Office 365, which includes your organization’s user accounts. You can give a user in your own organization the permissions to act as a delegated administrator on behalf of your clients; however, until the client grants delegated administration privileges, you won’t be able to access their organization. For more information, see Add or delete a delegated admin.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Users > Active Users.

  2. Select the user, click Edit Edit , and then click Settings.

  3. On the Settings tab, under Assign administrative access to companies you support, click Yes to allow the user to create trial invitations and purchase offers on the Partner overview page.

  4. Choose the appropriate role, and then click Save.

    • Full administration: This role has the same privileges as the global admin role for the companies you support

    • Limited administration: This role has the same privileges as the password admin role for the companies you support.

For more information about admin roles and permissions, see Assigning admin roles.

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