Office 365 User Email Settings

As the admin of an Office 365 organization, there are email settings you can manage on your users. This article gives you information on managing these settings.

Summary of email settings

This table explains the various email settings you can change on a user in Office 365.

Screenshot: Office 365 Mail settings

Mail Setting


Mailbox permissions

Edit mailbox permissions allows you to set whether other people can read and manage other peoples mailboxes. You can also set Send as and Send on behalf permissions for a person. Check out Give mailbox permissions to another user in Office 365 - Admin Help for more details.

Email forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to add a forwarding email address to a user. You might want to do this if the person has multiple email address and they want to receive emails at all their email addresses. Check out Configure email forwarding in Office 365 for more details.

Automatic replies

Automatic replies allows you to set an automatic reply when someone sends an email a the person's email address. You might want to do this if an employee leaves your company and you want to let the email sender know.

Email apps

Email apps allows you to choose the apps a user can use to access their Office 365 email.

More settings

  • Convert to shared mailbox

  • Edit Exchange properties

You can convert this user's mailbox to a shared mailbox. For example if the person leaves your organization, and you want to keep their mailbox data around for a while. Check out Convert a user mailbox to a shared mailbox and Open and use a shared mailbox.

You can manage additional Exchange Online tasks using the Exchange admin center. Read about managing user mailboxes in Exchange Online.

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