Microsoft Education Center (MEC) FAQ

Is it possible to merge my badges and course completion with the new account (specifically, after having changed my email address)?

Answer: MEC does not yet support account merging. A solution is being investigated for account merging. If you had more than one active login to access MEC before its recent release, you should be able to use any/all of those logins to access the recently released (Dec 2019) MEC.

While we continue to investigate merging accounts, please keep all your desired logins active on MEC. If an account is deleted, the data associated with it will also be deleted. Please download transcripts, export your data and take screenshots of profiles for your record for an account you don't intend to use regularly going forward.

How do I download my certificates? 

Answer: The certificate feature will be available soon; our team is working hard on releasing it.

Where is my profile URL?

Answer: A direct link URL to profiles is no longer shared on MEC. One alternative is to take a screenshot of your profile or download your transcript.

How can I publish content? 

Answer: Reach out to your regional Learning Solutions Specialist (LSS). If you don’t know your LSS, open a support ticket and we can provide you the contact.

Where can I edit my profile? 

Answer: There are 2 ways you can edit your profile depending on your situation

  1. If you are logging in using a personal account you can make changes from the Microsoft Account page.

  2. If you are using an organizational login, you will need to contact your admin to make changes to your profile.

Where are my Skype miles?

Answer: Skype features are now part of the Skype In The Classroom experience available at the Skype in the Classroom page. 

What do I do if My Code is not working?

Answer: With the recent update of our website, the old codes no longer work because we changed the formatting. You will need to reach out to the trainer that provided you the code asking them to regenerate a new code for the new website.

Why can't I see MEC content in my preferred language? 

Answer: MEC prioritizes the language of the content shown to you based on your browser settings. You may need to go into your browser settings and change the preferred language.  

What kind of badges can I earn?

Answer:  Badges are shown in the Courses and Learning Paths pages (in your preferred language). The types of badges you can earn are:

  • MIE badges for completing at least 2 hours of learning

  • MCE badges for passing the Microsoft Certified Educator exam

  • and the WE Schools Service Learning Master badge.

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