Live Presentations

With Live Presentations in PowerPoint, audience members can see a presentation on their devices and read live subtitles in their preferred language while you speak. They can use "pinch to zoom" to see the slides more clearly, give feedback and live reactions to the presenter, and navigate back to review previous slides.

Note: This feature will begin rolling out to Microsoft Office Insiders soon!

Getting started

To get started with Live Presentations open your slide deck in PowerPoint for the web and go to the Slide Show tab.

Important: Safari is a supported browser for the audience, but it's not currently supported for the presenter. Edge, Chrome, or Firefox are recommended for presenters.

First, check your audience setting. Click the drop arrow next to Present Live to select who should be able to connect to this presentation.

The drop menu for Present Live expanded to show the two choices.

  • Only people in your organization with the link - Limits access to people signed in with accounts within the same Office 365 organization (work or school account) that you're in.

  • Anyone with the link - If you're presenting to an audience that includes people who are not in your organization you'll want to select this one.

Next, select Present Live and your presentation will begin with a screen that shows a customized QR code. You audience can point their device cameras at the QR code, tap the link that appears over the QR code, and Live Presentations will load your presentation on their screens in their web browser. There's nothing for them to install.

The join screen of PowerPoint Live Presentations - showing the QR code and join URL.

Tip: If they're having trouble using the QR code method they can also just go to the unique URL shown at the top of the screen in their browser.

The audience can connect from any device has that has an Internet connection and a browser: iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac. 

Once your audience has joined Live Presentations, click on the screen for your first slide to display.

Subtitles and translation

Once your audience has loaded the presentation they will see your spoken words transcribed on the screen in near real-time. This is great for audiences when the acoustics of the venue aren't good, or if you have audience members who have difficulty hearing.

If your audience would like to have your words translated for them into a different language, they can tap the language indicator and select from one of more than 60 other languages. Once they've selected their language your spoken words will be machine translated into that language, and shown to them on their device as subtitles.

The live presentations screen shown on a mobile allowing the audience member to select the language they would like the speaker's words to be translated into.

Reviewing previous slides

If an audience member wants to look back at one of your earlier slides that can do that using the slide control that appears on their screen just below the current slide. They can go all the way back to your first slide, but they can only go as far forward as the slide you're currently displaying, so you don't have to worry about them reading ahead in your deck.

Live feedback

If an audience member using Live Presentations wants to give you feedback as you go, they can tap the feedback button (which looks like a smiley face) towards the bottom right of their device screen.  There they can select from a handful of different feedback types, from "like" to "puzzled" and more. Their selection will briefly appear on the presentation screen.

The PowerPoint Live Presentations screen shown on a mobile with the live feedback emoticons displayed.

Presentation evaluation

When you end the presentation audience members using Live Presentations will each get a short survey where they get to rate your slide design, speaker's skill, content, and interaction with audience on a scale of 1 to 5. They can add any other comments or feedback they might have and submit. This feedback is collected by Microsoft Forms where you can view the aggregated, anonymous, responses.

The PowerPoint Live Presentations screen shown on a mobile with the post-presentation survey displayed. This is where the audience member can rate the presentation.

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