Inviting people to a shared folder in SharePoint Workspace 2010

Do the following to invite people to a shared folder:

  1. Go to the shared folder.

  2. Click Invite someone in the Synchronization Tasks pane.

  3. Select options in the Send Invitation dialog box just as you would for any other workspace invitation.

Revoking membership from a shared folder

For a variety of reasons, you may sometimes need to revoke someone's membership from a shared folder. You do so by "uninviting" selected members. Keep in mind that uninvited members retain all files that were in the folder up to the time they were uninvited. Uninvited members simply lose access to the shared folder features.

Note:  You can uninvite people from a shared folder only if your role has the required permissions.

To uninvite a member from a shared folder:

  1. Right-click the member whose membership you want revoke and select Uninvite.

  2. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to confirm.

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