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Have you ever wanted to scan a receipt or table-type information, like a recipe, into Excel? With the new insert data from picture feature you can, and it's as simple as taking a picture.

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Note: Insert data from picture is one of several beta features, and currently only available to a portion of Office Insiders at this time. We'll continue to optimize these features over the next several months. When they're ready, we'll release them to all Office Insiders, and Office 365 subscribers.    

Open Excel on your phone or tablet and tap the Insert data from picture button to get started

Insert data from picture button

Next, narrow in on your data until you see it surrounded by a red border, then tap the capture button. If needed, you can use the sizing handles around the edges of the image to crop it to size first.

Ready to take a picture on an Android device

Excel's powerful AI engine will process the image and convert it to a table. When it first imports your data, it will give you a chance to correct any issues it discovered during the conversion process. Tap Ignore to move on to the next issue, or Edit to correct the issue. 

Excel import data from picture gives you the ability to correct any issues it found when converting your data.

Press Insert when you're done, and Excel will finish the conversion process, and display your data.

Excel has converted your data, and returns it to the grid.

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