Importing items into a Lists tool

You can import items that were exported from another Lists tool as a list data archive (.gax) file. You can import data into Lists tool in both SharePoint workspaces and Groove workspaces.

Note: External lists do not support exporting or importing list data.

Imported items can be viewed only if the Lists tool contains corresponding fields and view columns. For example, if you import a file exported from a Lists tool application that contains "Name" and "Address" fields, you see the imported items in the list view only if the target Lists tool also contains these fields.

If the sort type in the selected list view is "flat", imported items appear as new items at the top or bottom of the list view (depending on the current sort order).

If the sort type in the selected list view is "Grouped," imported items are placed within categorized groups, and sorted in each group depending on the sort order defined for the view.

  1. On the Workspace tab, click Import.

  2. In the Import List Item Data dialog box, browse to the exported list data archive file, and then click Open.

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