How Microsoft Search in Bing keeps your info secure

Microsoft Search in Bing uses several methods to secure your content and information:

  • Microsoft Search in Bing results come directly from the same Trusted Cloud used by Office 365. Bing does not store any work content or information in the public web index.

  • You can only see work results when you're signed in with your work or school account.

  • Microsoft Search in Bing will only return information you have permission to see. You may have permission because you created the files or information, they've been shared with you or with a larger group that includes you, or they're stored in folders or locations you have permission to access.

  • Microsoft Search in Bing doesn't use your work searches to improve public web results or to improve Bing.

  • Microsoft Search in Bing doesn't let advertisers target you or anyone within your organization.

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