How does Delve know what I'm working on and who I'm working with?

Delve uses the Office graph to find out who you work with and what you're working on. The Office Graph analyzes your work network and the activities you and your colleagues do every day in TE102751708 to help Delve show you the most relevant content. Examples of activities can be that you or a close colleague modified a document, or that many of your colleagues have viewed a certain document. Your Delve is personalized to you. Other people will not see the same as you, but will see documents that are relevant to them.

Private activities, like emails, Lync conversations, and which documents you have viewed, stay private.

Why does a document show up as important to me?

Your Home view shows the documents that are likely to be most interesting to you right now. It's often a mix of documents you worked on yourself and documents that are active among people you work with.

The information on each content card helps you understand why a document shows up for you. Maybe several of your colleagues viewed it recently or maybe your manager modified it.

Activity area says that 15 colleagues viewed this recently Activity area shows who modified the document

What decides the list of people I see on the left?

Below the list of views, on the left, you see some of the people you're connected to in the organization or people you work with across teams. The list of people will change over time based on your activities, such as who you exchange the most emails with. This list gives you a quick way to find content related to your colleagues.

What kind of information will I find in Delve?

How to use the content cards

What is Delve?

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