Hide or show a column (remove or add a column)

When you hide a column in Microsoft Office Project, the column is only removed from view, not deleted from your plan. Also, hiding a column doesn't remove any information from your plan.

  1. In a sheet view, select the column (field) you want to hide.

  2. On the Edit menu, click Hide Column.

To show the column again, you need to insert the column like you would with any new column. Any custom formatting that you applied to a previously hidden column will need to be re-applied to the inserted column.

  1. In a sheet view, select the column (field) to the right of where you want to show the column. If you want to show the column as the last column, you need to insert it before the last column and then move it by dragging its heading.

  2. On the Insert menu, click Column.

  3. Specify the Field name and Title, then Align title, Align data, and determine the column Width.

  4. To wrap the column heading text to the next line, select the Header Text Wrapping check box.

  5. To set the column width to the longest item in the column, click Best Fit.

    • To quickly adjust the width of any column in a sheet view to fit the longest item in the column, double-click the right border of the column title. The column width is automatically sized to fit the widest text in any cell.

    • To move a column, click its title. When the cursor changes to a four-way arrow Split pointer , drag the column to a new location.

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