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If you're having problems with the beta, these solutions might help.

Change your settings

To change your settings, select The Settings button .

A screenshot of the Settings button

Turn off Focused Inbox

  • Under Sort messages into Focused and Other, move the toggle to Off.

Show or hide the Reading pane

  • Under Inbox layout, choose to show or hide the reading pane.

Show newest messages at the top or bottom of the thread

  • Under Conversations, choose whether the newest messages should appear at the bottom or top of the thread.

Change your password

  1. At the top right corner, select your name or account picture.

    A screenshot of the Account button

  2. Select View account > Change password.

Attach an email to another email

  1. In the message list, select the email you want to attach.

  2. Drag the email into the message compose pane.

  3. Position the mouse below the subject line and release it.

  4. The email should be attached.

Find an attachment in a message in Conversation view

In the beta, the default mode for viewing messages is Conversation view. In this view, an email thread can include many items. If any item has an attachment associated with it, a paper clip icon appears next to that item in the message list.

To find the item with the attachment, scan the list of items in the thread. Look for the item with the paper clip next to it.

Create a calendar event

Currently, you can't create a meeting in the beta. However, you can create a calendar event.

  1. At the bottom of the page, select Calendar.

    A screenshot of the Calendar button

  2. At the top of the page, select New.

  3. Enter the details for your event and select Save.

Leave the beta

  • At the top right corner, select the toggle next to Try the beta.

    A screenshot of the Preview next toggle switched on

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