Find external messaging participants in a Yammer network

Your users need the flexibility to add external participants to conversations in your Yammer network. As an admin, you need to know who those participants are and what they're saying in case you need to make a change. Verified Admins can see which conversations and files in their network are visible to external participants and can identify conversations in which their employees are participating on other Yammer networks. This article helps you find the external participants in your Yammer network so you can stay in control.

If you are a verified admin, you can use the data export tool to find external participants in your network and find conversations that your users are participating in on other networks.

Find external participants in your network
  1. On the Yammer home page, select Admin > Content and Security.

    You'll only see this option if you are a Verified Admin in the Yammer network.

    Admin settings for Content and Security
  2. Under Content and Security, choose Export Data.

    Export Data command
  3. Enter the date range, choose whether you want to include attachments and external networks, and then select Export.

    Export Data from Yammer network
  4. Locate the export folder on your computer, and open the MessageThreads export file.

    List of external participants

    Column D (foreign_participants) lists the external participants in your network, along with their name, email address, and the network ID of the Yammer network that they belong to. The data export reflects the current view of the network. If a user was added but removed before the report was created, that user won't appear in the report.

If you want to remove an external participant, you can use the information from the list to go to the conversation that they're included in and remove them from the conversation. See Remove an external participant.

Note: Currently, MessageThreads.csv is the only export file with external participant information. However, improvements are underway for the export files and there will soon be two export files: MessageThreads.outbound.csv (to contain message threads from your network which include external participants) and MessageThreads.inbound.csv (to contain external message threads to which your network users have been added).

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