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Work with sheets and data



Insert or delete cells, rows, columns

Work with cells, rows, and columns.

Copy and paste specific cell contents

Use the Paste Special command to copy and paste special cell contents or attributes.

Freeze panes to lock rows and columns

Keep column headings visible while you scroll.

Adjust the column size to see everything

Change the width of columns so that you can see all the data in cells.

Protect a sheet

Prevent unauthorized changes, moves, or deletions of important data.

Highlight patterns and trends with conditional formatting

Change the appearance of cells based on certain criteria, for example, all cell values in the top 10% of a range.

Work with functions, formulas, and lists



Enter a formula

Learn the elements of a formula as well as how to enter a formula on a sheet.

Calculation operators and order of operations

Learn about the different kinds of operators (for example, +, -, /, and *) and the order in which they are applied.

Switch between relative and absolute references

Learn the difference between relative and absolute cell references and how to switch between them.

Work with charts and graphics



Create a chart

Learn the basics of charts, including the elements of a chart, which chart is appropriate for your data, and how to apply chart layouts and styles.

Edit data in a chart

Add chart and axis titles, change the axis scale, add data labels, and more.

Add error bars or up/down bars to a chart

Use error bars to indicate potential error amounts in relation to each data point.

Insert pictures in Office for Mac

Add pictures or clip art to a worksheet by using the Media Browser.

Analyze, share, and collaborate



Create a PivotTable

Learn the two different ways to create a Pivot Table and how to use the Pivot Table Field Lists to add, move, and arrange fields.

Predict data trends

Create a projection based on an existing series of data.

Save a file in Office for Mac

Use Excel for Mac 2011 to check out a SharePoint file so that only you can make changes.

Explore other useful resources



Excel keyboard shortcuts

See the full list of keyboard shortcuts, organized into logical categories.

Customize the ribbon and toolbars

Rearrange, show, and hide tabs on the ribbon.

Known issues in Excel 2011

See a list of known issues as well as potential workarounds.

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