Dynamic groups in Yammer

Starting today, you can more easily manage groups in Yammer by using dynamic groups, which maintain group membership through Azure Active Directory.

About dynamic groups

Dynamic groups work well for organizations where people change teams, roles, and locations often. Dynamic groups can be created based on a variety of attributes, including role, geography, and department, among others. Dynamic groups update automatically as people join, leave, or move within your organization, as long as the user Active Directory attributes are updated accordingly.

Benefits of dynamic groups

For quickly growing companies that seek to bring new hires into group conversations relevant to their specific team, dynamic membership helps to ensure these employees have all the right permissions to find applicable content and make meaningful connections from day one. For companies looking for a reliable and secure way to engage with frontline workers, a dynamic group can be created based on a specific role or location. Group managers can then announce major updates by sending a notification to employees’ mobile apps. Conversely, workers on the frontline can share input and escalate issues knowing they’re connected to the right people back in the central office.

Creating a dynamic group in Yammer

  1. Create a group in Yammer. This must be an Office 365 connected group in order to have dynamic membership.

  2. In the Azure classic portal, select Active Directory, and then open your organization’s directory.

  3. Click the Groups tab, and then open the group you want to edit.

  4. Click the Configure tab, select the Advanced rule option, and then enter the advanced rule into the text box. See this article for more information on how to configure dynamic membership rules.

Note: Dynamic groups in Yammer have a 100K member limit. After 100K members, new members will not be synced to the group in Yammer.

Groups with dynamic membership do not have the Join and Leave buttons in the top navigation. Instead, users either see Member for dynamic groups to which they belong, or Reserved if they are not members of the group.

Top navigation for dynamic groups that you are a member of

Top navigation for dynamic groups that you are not a member of


  • Your network must have Office 365 groups. Only Office 365 connected Yammer groups are eligible to become dynamic groups. You can learn more about how Yammer integrates with Office 365 groups here.

  • You must have a license for Active Directory Premium to use dynamic membership rules with Office 365 groups.

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