Design and edit with Word for the web

Change the layout

  1. Select the Page Layout tab.

  2. Select what you'd like to change:

    • Page Setup - margins, orientation, size

    • Paragraph - indent, spacing

Change page layout

Use Styles

Use Styles to apply a consistent font, font size, font color, and spacing throughout your document.

  1. Select the words, paragraph, list, or table that you want to apply a style to.

  2. Select the style you want.

Use Styles

Check spelling

Word for the web automatically checks spelling and shows misspelled words with a red squiggly underline.

  1. Right-click the misspelled word.

  2. Select the correct spelling, or select Ignore All.

Check spelling - menu

Need the full set of Word features?

Open your file in the Word desktop app:

  • In Word for the web, select EDIT IN WORD.

Note: Changes are automatically saved in Word for the web, but in the Word desktop app, you need to save changes.

Edit in Word

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