Delete a booking calendar

This article explains how you can delete an unwanted Bookings calendar. You can delete the booking calendar a couple of ways. You can delete the booking calendar in the Microsoft 365 admin center or you can use PowerShell.

Important: All bookings calendars that you created in 2017 or before must be deleted using the Powershell instructions on this topic. All booking calendars created in 2018 or after can be deleted in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Follow the steps in below.

The Bookings calendar is where all relevant information about that booking calendar and data are stored. This includes the business information, logo, and working hours added when the booking calendar was created;  the relevant staff and services added when the booking calendar was created; and all bookings and time off appointments added to the booking calendar once it was created. Once a booking calendar is deleted, this information is permanently deleted, too, and can't be recovered.

Delete booking calendar in the Microsoft 365 admin center

  1. Go to the .

  2. In the Admin center, select Users.

    Click on User.
  3. On the Active Users page, choose the names of the users that you want to delete, and then select Delete user.

    Delete a user in Office 365.

Delete booking calendar using Exchange Online PowerShell

Note: Bookings is turned on by default for customers who have the Office 365 Business Premium, or Office 365 A3 and Office 365 A5 subscriptions. Bookings is also available to customers who have Office 365 Enterprise E3 and Office 365 Enterprise E5, but it is turned off by default. To turn it on, see Get access to the Office 365 business apps for enterprise subscriptions.

See Connect to Exchange Online Power Shell for prerequisites and guidance for connecting to Exchange Online PowerShell.

Use PowerShell to delete a booking calendar

Once you’ve carefully read and taken the steps described in the TechNet article referenced above, you can take the following steps to permanently delete an unwanted booking calendar.

  1. Make sure you are using an active Microsoft PowerShell command window that you ran as an administrator.

    • PowerShell can be run by searching for it with the Windows Start menu.

    • Once you find it, a right click will open a content menu with a “Run as administrator” option.

  2. Enter the following command:

    $user = get-credential

  3. Once prompted, log on with the tenant administrator credentials for the Office 365 tenant hosting the booking calendar you want to permanently delete.

  4. Next, at the PowerShell command prompt, enter this command:

    $s = New-Pssession -ConnectionUri -Credential $user -Authentication basic -AllowRedirection -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange

  5. Then enter the following command:

    Import-PSSession $s

  6. Once this command is done processing, enter the following command to get a list of the booking mailboxes in your tenant:

    get-mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails Scheduling

  7. Type the following command:

    remove-mailbox [BookingCalendarToDelete]

    Be sure to add a space after the remove-mailbox and type the exact name of the booking mailbox alias listed using the command above that you want to permanently delete, without the brackets.

  8. Enter the following command:

    get-mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails Scheduling

    This will let you verify that the mailbox you wanted to permanently delete is no longer showing in the list.  

  9. Type Exit at the prompt to close your PowerShell session.

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