Cross post a channel conversation in Teams

Cross post a channel conversation in Teams

Hey, do you have information or an announcement that needs to be shared across multiple teams and channels? Well, you can post that message to multiple channels at once. 

To cross post a channel conversation:

  1. In the channel, select Format  Format button in Teams under the box where you type your message.

  2. At the top of the box that opens, choose a message type: New conversation or Announcement.

  3. Select Post to multiple channels > Select channels.

    Post a conversation or announcement to multiple channels.

  4. Choose the channels to post in or use search to find a channel. You can post wherever you're a member.

    Choose channels to post a message in Teams.

  5. Select Update. The To field updates and shows the channels to post in.

    Your message is sent to the selected channels.

  6. Type your message and select Send Send a message icon. . This posts your message to the selected channels.

Note: Team owners can establish moderation roles to control who can post, react, and reply to messages in a channel. For more details, see Change moderator roles and settings in a channel.

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