Creating a meeting agenda in SharePoint Workspace 2010

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Given default permissions, any workspace member whose role is Participant or higher can add, edit, move, or delete agenda items.

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Adding an agenda item

Editing an agenda item

Adding file attachments to an agenda item

Moving agenda items in the list

Adding an agenda item

  1. Open the meeting for editing.

    If the meeting is part of a recurring meeting series, select the option to open only this occurrence. You cannot edit the agendas for an entire recurring meeting series at once.

  2. Click Agenda.

  3. Click New Item.

  4. Enter an agenda topic title.

  5. Select a presenter for this agenda item from the drop-down menu.

    The drop-down menu includes the names of all members in the workspace. However, the presenter does not necessarily have to be a workspace member. You can type in a name or click Find... to search for other contacts.

  6. Enter the minutes allocated for this agenda item.

  7. Type details about the agenda item into the text box.

  8. Click Save & Close.

    The agenda item displays in the list. You can move agenda items up or down in the list, add file attachments to an agenda item, and insert agenda items into meeting note or summary items.

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Editing an agenda item

  1. Double-click the meeting to open it for editing.

  2. Click the Agenda tab.

  3. Double-click the agenda item you want to edit to open it for editing.

  4. Make the edits you want.

  5. Click Save & Close.

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Adding file attachments to an agenda item

Files attached to agenda items are read-only. In other words, if you open and edit a file attachment, you must save the updated file to disk as a new file. You cannot synchronize these updates in the original file attachment.

  1. Open the agenda item for editing.

  2. Click Attach File to open the Add Attachments dialog box.

  3. Select one or more files and then click Open.

    An Attachments pane displays below the Details pane and lists the attached files. Additionally, a document icon is appended to the agenda item to indicate that it includes attachments.

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Moving agenda items in the list

To move an agenda item in the list, select it and then click Move Up or Move Down.

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