Create and send Connections campaigns

In Connections you can create different campaigns to reach out to your customers and promote your business.

Before you send your first campaign, create your business profile first to set information, such as address, standard colors, and a logo for your business.

Create a new campaign

You can create connections campaigns in the Office 365 Business center or in the mobile app. Regardless of the campaign type, the basic steps are similar:

  1. On the Connections or Email marketing dashboard in Business center choose New Campaign on the upper left.

    You can also click Send yourself a test campaign if this is your first time sending one. When you create a test campaign, it gets sent to you only, so you can make sure it looks just like you want it to.

    New campaign icon in the Business center

    In mobile you can create campaigns on either the Home or All campaigns screens, just tap the plus (+) sign on the bottom.

    Tap the plus sign to create a new campaign
  2. On the Select a starting point for your campaign page, choose either New campaign, or Existing campaign & drafts.

    Choose either New campaign or Existing campaign & drafts.
  3. If you use an existing or draft campaign the campaign type will be the same as you picked before. If you are creating a new campaign, choose either Send a newsletter, Make an announcement, or Ask for a referral.

    Choose campaign type.
  4. For a referral, fill in the offers in either % off purchase, or $ off purchase for both the existing customer and the referred friend. You can also choose a custom offer, or no offer.

    You can also Specify terms and conditions for your offers. Choose Done or tap Next in mobile.

    Business center

    Fill in the offers for your referral in the Business center


    Fill in the offers for your referral in the mobile app
  5. If you are creating an announcement or a newsletter, you will not see a set up offers screen and will go directly to drafting the text and look and feel of your email.

    You can click or tap any element in the draft campaign to modify it.

    Click or tap the text elements to update them. In the Business center, or in the add-in choose Accent color to change it for your email. In the mobile choose Change style on the bottom of the screen to pick a new accent color.

  6. You can also upload photos to replace the ones supplied in templates:

    1. Click or tap the photo you want to replace.

    2. On the screen choose to upload a photo from your photo library, from Bing, take a photo with the mobile's camera, or you can choose to remove an image too by choosing or tapping Clear.

    3. After you have uploaded a photo, you can crop it.

    4. Click or tap Next when you are done with the new photo.

  7. In any referral and an announcement, you can also include a link to a sign-up form that your customers can share with others. Look for the Share your sign-up link with others text in the email, and include the URLs.

    Connections includes a sign-up form that you can view in the Business center.

  8. When you are done modifying your campaign, you can choose to send it to yourself as a test, or you can select to send it to specific people in your mailing list, or to a subscriber segment.

Mark an offer as redeemed

You can mark the offers you have sent to your customers as redeemed on the Connections page in the Business center. This will allow you to better track the success of your campaigns.

  1. On the Connections page, in the Business center, click the ellipses on the upper right of the page, and choose Look up offer code.

    On the Connections page, click ellipses and choose Look up offer code
  2. Enter an offer code to see the offer, and if the customer has used it, you can mark it as redeemed.

View and evaluate the performance of sent campaigns

You can view your campaign results from the Home screen on the mobile, and on the Connections page in Business cente. To view campaign specific details, you can just click or tap the campaign. For details see View your Connections campaign results.

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