Attendees can see others’ responses to a meeting invitation

Meeting organizers have always been able to view which attendees have accepted, tentatively accepted, or declined a meeting invitation. Now, if the meeting was created by someone using Office 365, all attendees who are using Office 365 can also see the responses to the meeting invitation.

Where can attendees view responses?

The attendee list and responses are currently available in all Outlook apps except Outlook for Android. Responses won't be visible in non-Outlook apps.

Outlook client

Office 365 users see responses in:

Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac 2016

Outlook for Windows

Outlook for Windows, for Office 365 subscribers

* Available in Monthly Channel (Version 1802 or later)

* Coming in January 2019 for Semi-Annual Channel

Outlook on the web


Outlook for iOS


Outlook for Android

Not available yet

Currently, if an attendee chooses to accept, tentatively accept, or decline the invitation and to not send a response, their response is only updated in their own calendar. The response can't be viewed by the organizer or by other attendees. We're working to update this behavior so that the attendee list is updated to reflect the response even if the email response isn't sent.

The entire attendee list can't be hidden from attendees. However, if you're interested in this functionality, you can vote for it on UserVoice for Outlook. Here’s a link to the request in the Outlook for Windows forum.

For smaller meetings, specifically meetings with less than fifty attendees, it can take 15 minutes for changes to appear. For meetings with more than fifty attendees, changes make take up to a full day to proliferate entirely. 

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