Add User in Business Contact Manager

User name      This must be the same user name (or logon ID) that the user types when logging on to the user's computer.

Temporary password      Type a password that you are certain the user has not used before. This temporary password can only be used once. The first time this new user accesses the Business Contact Manager database, the user is prompted to type this temporary password, and then type his or her current network or local password. From that time forward, the user’s network password grants the user access to both the network and to the database.

Note: You must type a temporary password for each user. Any password that is used — whether it is temporary or permanent — must conform to the security standards set in your local network.

Confirm password      Retype the temporary password to confirm it. The password cannot be blank.

Also allow this user to log on to this computer      Select this check box if you want the new user to have the permission to log on and off your computer, as well as to access other files on your computer, including the database.

If a user already has permission to access this computer, it is not necessary to add his or her specific account again.

Note: This is part of the process of allowing other users to share the Business Contact Manager database that you own. To share your database, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, and then click Share Database.

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