Add or move a connector line

You can add connector lines and other drawing objects only to a chart. You cannot add them to the datasheet.

  1. On the Drawing toolbar, click AutoShapes, point to Connectors, and then click the connector you want.

  2. Point to the first object to which you want to attach the connector.

    Connection sites appear as blue squares.

  3. Click the first connection site you want, point to the other object, and then click the second connection site.

    Locked connector ends appear as red squares. Locked connector lines move with the objects they connect. Unlocked connector ends appear as green squares.

    To move the connector line, drag one of its ends, and connect it to another site or object. To detach the entire line, drag its middle. If the connector line has a yellow adjustment handle, dragging the handle will change the shape of the connector line, but not detach it.

    connection sites Locked connectors

    Button image Locked connector line

    2 Unlocked connector line

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