Add a shadow to shapes and other objects

Add shadow effects to objects in your drawing with just a few clicks in the Format Shape pane.

  1. Right-click the object that you want to get a shadow, then click Format Shape.

  2. In the Format Shape pane, click Effects and click Shadow.

  3. Click Presetsand choose one of the default shadow effects. You can customize them using the other commands here.

Shadow options

Use the sliders or number boxes to adjust how it looks.

Color    lets you change the shadow’s color.

Transparency    turns the shadow darker (lower numbers) or lighter (higher numbers).

Size    makes the shadow shorter or longer.

Blur    makes it fuzzier (higher numbers) or sharper (lower numbers).

Angle    rotates the shadow as if the light source causing the shadow is rotating around the shape.

Distance    changes how high the object appears to be above the shadow (making a gap between the shape and the shadow).

Tip:  If your shadow appears to cover another object on the drawing, you can bring that object forward so the shadow appears to fall behind it. Click the object and then click Home > Arrange > Bring to front.

Another friendly reminder: Use visual effects carefully, so that they don’t distract from your drawing’s information.

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