Add a return e-mail (mailto:) link in a message

You can include a return e-mail link in the body of in your e-mail messages. When clicked, the link opens a blank message already addressed to a person, company, or any destination you choose. For example, a link such as mailto: is already addressed to your company's customer service representative.

Examples of return address links

As you can see, you can format the link text (the words that people see and click on) to say whatever you want.

Add a return e-mail link

  1. In the message, select the text or picture that you want to display as the link.

  2. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Hyperlink Button image .

  3. Under Link to, click E-mail Address.

  4. Either type the e-mail address that you want in the E-mail address box, or select an e-mail address in the Recently used e-mail addresses list.

  5. If you want to change the link text, in the Text to display box, type the text.

  6. To customize the ScreenTip that appears when you rest the pointer over the link, click ScreenTip and then type the text that you want. If you don't specify a tip, Outlook uses "mailto" followed by the e-mail address and the subject line as the tip.

  7. Click OK.

Tip: You can also create a simple return e-mail link by typing the address in the message and then pressing ENTER or SPACEBAR — unless you turned off automatic formatting of hyperlinks.

If you want to to automatically include a return e-mail link in all your outgoing messages, add it to an Outlook signature. The signature can consist of only the link, or any other additional information you choose. For more information, see Create and add a signature to messages.

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