Add a quiz with analytics to a slide

The standard quiz add-in in PowerPoint lets you insert one quiz question on a slide, and it doesn't gather analytics about the question. The web-based Microsoft Forms designer for educators is an alternative that collects analytics and lets you put a multi-question quiz on a slide.

Create a form containing the quiz questions

Create a quiz on the Microsoft Forms site by using the instructions in Create a quiz with Microsoft Forms. Keep the form open and return to this article to learn how to insert the quiz on a slide in your presentation.

Get a link for the quiz

  1. Near the top right corner of the quiz you've designed, click Share.

  2. Under the Send and collect responses heading, change the drop-down option to Anyone with the link can respond.

  3. Click the Copy button to copy the link for this quiz. In the next procedure you'll paste that same link into PowerPoint to insert the quiz into your slide presentation.

Put the quiz on a slide

Now you are ready to insert your quiz on a slide. Switch to PowerPoint and open the presentation that you want to add the quiz to.

  1. Go to the slide where you want the quiz to appear.

  2. On the Recording tab of the PowerPoint ribbon, click Apps and Quizzes to open the Lab Office Add-ins dialog box.

  3. On the Store tab of the Lab Office Add-ins dialog box, find the Web Viewer app, and click Add to insert it on the slide.

  4. In the box labeled Please enter the URL below, paste the link you copied at the end of the previous procedure.

  5. Go to the beginning of the long link you pasted, and delete https:// (because that part of the link is already incorporated into the Web Viewer app).

    At the bottom-right corner of the Web Viewer app, click Preview to confirm that the quiz is successfully inserted. If the quiz is longer than the window provided by the app on the slide, a scroll bar appears on the right side of the app frame for moving up and down.

  6. Click File > Save to save your presentation.

Check the results for your quiz

See Check your form results for information on how to see the information about the results of quizzes that students have taken.

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