Your microphone is capturing too much noise

Your microphone or audio device is capturing too much background noise. Check the following:

  • Your computer’s fan or spinning hard drive is too close to the microphone.

  • You may be sitting near a fan or air conditioning unit that is producing static noise.

  • If are using a noise-canceling microphone, make sure it is positioned close to the mouth, approximately 2 centimeters or less than 1 inch away from the mouth. This filters out unwanted background noise, so it is important that you position it correctly to avoid audio issues.

  • When you are using the speaker on your phone make sure that the phone is placed on a flat surface. Also, make sure that there is no obstruction between the phone and your mouth.

  • If there is physical damage to the device, try using a different device.

  • Make sure that the device you are using is optimized for Lync 2010 or Lync Online. For a list of optimized devices, see Phones and Devices Qualified for Microsoft Lync.

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