Write letters with Office Accounting data using Word mail merge

Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

You can use Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 in combination with Microsoft Office Word to write letters to customers, suppliers or employees. Office Accounting 2008 performs Office Word mail merge using Word templates and data from the Accounting 2008 database.

Accounting 2008 comes with its own selection of business letters, already formatted as Word templates.

  1. To start writing a letter, on the Customer menu, click Write letters.

    welcome page

  2. The Write Letters Wizard opens. Click Next.

    select a letter template

  3. Select Customer as recipient and select the template you want to use. You can also create, modify or delete Word templates. Click Next.

    select customers

  4. Select the recipients by selecting filter options, date range and a name from the name list and click Next.

    add a signature

    In the preceding example, all active customers who are 31 days or more overdue are selected.

  5. Add a comment and signature and click Create Letters.

    sample letter

  6. Word now opens with the merged letters. (Microsoft Office Word 2007 is shown in the preceding figure.) You can review the letters and print them from Word.

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