Work with governance actions in Advanced Security Management 

In Advanced Security Management in Office 365, the governance actions you can take are to suspend or unsuspend a user account.

When you suspend a user account, you prevent the user from signing in again. It's the same as editing the user account directly in Office 365 to set the Sign-in status to Sign-in blocked.

Important: If you block a user from signing in to Office 365, either by suspending them or by editing their sign-in status, be aware that it can take an hour or so to take effect on all of the user's devices and clients (more about editing users in Office 365). If the user is signed in to Office 365, the block will take effect whenever Office 365 requires them to sign in again.

To suspend a user account in Advanced Security Management, do the following:

  1. In the Security & Compliance Center, choose Alerts > Manage advanced alerts. On the menu bar choose Alerts.

    Review user
  2. In the Alert column, open an alert or double-click a user (like

  3. A page with details about the alert is shown, and you can suspend the user one of two ways:

    • Under Accounts, in the far right Status column, click Settings settings icon . In the drop-down list, choose Suspend user.

      Suspend user
    • At the top of the Governance log page, in the user drop-down list, choose Suspend user.

      Governance log suspend user

If you want to unsuspend a user (that is, restore a user's ability to sign in to Office 365) in Advanced Security Management, you revert the action in the governance log by doing the following:

  1. In Manage advanced alerts, on the upper right of the page, click Settings settings icon , and then Governance log.

    Governance log alerts
  2. Type the Suspend user action that you want to revert, in the Action type filter field.

    Suspend user
  3. On the target row of the Suspend user action that you want to revert, on the far right, click Revert revert arrow icon .

  4. When you're asked if you're sure you want to revert the governance action, click Revert.

The user you've unsuspended (by reverting the Suspend user action) will now be able to sign in to Office 365 again.

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