Why can't I include a POSTNET bar code or FIM-A code on envelopes or labels?


In an earlier version of Microsoft Office Word, I was able to get a bulk mailing discount on my mailings by inserting a POSTNET bar code, as well as a FIM-A code on envelopes and labels. In Microsoft Office Word 2007, I cannot find the options for adding these codes to my envelopes and labels.


Periodically, the United States Postal Service (USPS) changes the way it calculates postal bar codes. When this happens, bulk mail that uses the bar codes generated by Word may not be accepted by the USPS. To avoid providing bar codes that may become obsolete, Microsoft has removed this feature from Office Word 2007.


Your bulk mailing can still qualify for a discount, but you must work with a third-party provider and the USPS.

Prepare a bulk mailing

This procedure provides general steps to follow. For more information about how to qualify for a bulk mailing discount and discount mailing services for businesses and organizations, go to the USPS Web site.

  1. Have your address list verified with the USPS through a third-party service provider.

  2. Assemble your bulk mailing.

  3. Use the bar code that is provided when your list is certified.

  4. Sort the mail according to USPS requirements.

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