Why aren't page borders printing?

You’ve created, what you consider to be, your perfect document. So when you print it, why are your page borders either being lopped off on one side, the bottom, or not printed altogether? The usual reason has to do with something called your “printer’s minimum margin setting.”

There are a couple of ways to figure that out so that you can adjust your margins accordingly before you print (thereby skipping the angst).

  1. Click Design > Page Borders.

  2. In the Borders and Shading dialog box, click Options.

Borders and shading dialog box

  1. In the Borders and Shading Options dialog box, make sure that Edge of page is selected from the Measure from drop-down.

Borders and shading options dialog box

The highest number it can be is 31.

  1. You can also select Text from the Measure from drop-down and view how it will look in the preview below.

Page border preview

  1. If, for some reason, your bottom border isn’t printing, make sure, that in that Borders and Shading Options box that Surround footer is unchecked.

Borders and shading options dialog box

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