What happened to SharePoint 2007 KPIs?

In this release, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 adds important new tools for Business Intelligence (BI). The new tools greatly increase the ways you can collect, present, and share information. Two especially big additions are PerformancePoint Services, SQL PowerPivot for Excel, and SQL PowerPivot for SharePoint.

As part of this change, SharePoint Server 2007 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have a new name, SharePoint Status Indicators. The new name helps highlight the differences between BI features in SharePoint 2007 and those in SharePoint Server 2010. For more information about Business Intelligence features in SharePoint, including information about different options, see the articles in the See Also section.

SharePoint Status Indicator shows contract completion status

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Familiar with KPIs in SharePoint 2007?

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Familiar with KPIs in SharePoint 2007?

All of the SharePoint 2007 components that you used to create and publish Key Performance Indicators have new names.

The following table provides a key that you can use to find the new names for features that you used in SharePoint 2007.

SharePoint 2007 Name

SharePoint 2010 Name

SharePoint 2010 Description

Key Performance Indicator

Status Indicator

An item in a Status List that displays performance information at a glance.

KPI List

Status List

A SharePoint list that contains formatted status indicators.

Key Performance Indicators (web part on dashboard)

Status List

A list of status indicators in a Web Part that can be added to a page on a SharePoint site.

KPI Details

Status Indicator Details

A page that displays details about a single status indicator.

Dashboard page

Web Part Page with Status List

A pre-designed Web Part page that contains a Status List Web Part, a Filter Web Part, and several other Web Parts.

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Click on one or more of the following links to see more information about new business intelligence features in SharePoint 2010.

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