Void a deposit

Each deposit is entered into the bank account register that you select on the Deposit form. After you record a deposit, you cannot delete it. If you need to change a deposit, you cannot edit it. You must mark it void, and then create a new deposit. If you void a deposit, all customer payments on that deposit will reappear when you open a new Deposit form.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Company menu, point to Company Lists, and then click Chart of Accounts.

    • On the Banking menu, point to Banking Lists, and then click Chart of Accounts.

  2. Double-click the bank account that the deposit was recorded into.

  3. Right-click the deposit transaction, and then click Void.

  4. To confirm, click Yes.

    If you select In the future, do not show this warning, you will not be asked for confirmation.

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