Void a customer credit note

When you save a customer credit note, it is posted, so it cannot be deleted. If you need to redo a customer credit note, you can edit it or void it. After you void a customer credit note, you can create a duplicate customer credit note that you can edit.

You cannot undo a void of a customer credit note.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Customers.

  2. Under Find, click Invoices.

  3. Right-click the customer credit note and then click Void.

  4. To confirm, click Yes.

    Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 does the following:

    • Stamps the customer credit note VOID.

    • Creates a reverse posting with the same financial date, so the posting is nullified with a contra posting, reversing the original entry in the ledger, but you have an audit trail.

      The VOID stamp also appears in the Invoices List.

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