View a bank account register

Every bank account has its own account register of transactions listed in the Chart of Accounts.

Every bank transaction is entered into its bank account register. After you add a transaction, you cannot delete it. If an entry is not valid, you can edit it or mark it void.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Company menu, point to Company Lists, and then click Chart of Accounts.

    • On the Banking menu, point to Banking Lists, and then click Chart of Accounts.

      Note: Use the entry in the Type column to locate bank accounts.

  2. To view transactions for an account, double-click the account name.

  3. To change the appearance of the account register, do one or more of the following.


Do this

Sort the list

Click a column title to switch between ascending and descending order. An arrow indicates the sort order.

Note: If you sort the account register by any column other than the Date column, the Balance column changes. The ending balance, however, remains the same.

Resize the column width

Click the column divider next to the column heading and drag it to a new width.

Change the column order

Select a column title and drag it to a new position.

Work with a bank account

Keep your bank account up-to-date by entering transactions regularly and reconciling the account soon after you receive your bank account statement. You can:

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