Manage contacts & to-do's on a Mac

Create contacts on a Mac

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Create, edit, and save contact lists to organize all your contacts in Outlook.

Add a contact

  1. Select People > New Contact New contact .

  2. Type in contact details, such as their name, mobile number, email address, and more.

    Note: You can resize the New Contact window by dragging the bottom-right corner.

  3. Select Plus Sign Plus to add more details.

    Note: You cannot enter any information in the Organization and Details tabs because these are automatically entered by Microsoft Exchange Server.

  4. Select Notes to add info about a contact.

  5. Double-click the generic avatar People to add a picture of the contact.

  6. Select Defaults, Recents, Camera, or Other to choose a picture source.

  7. Select the file > Open.

    You can reposition and resize the photo.

  8. Select Categorize and select a category for your contact.

  9. Select Save & Close Save & Close .

Add a contact from an email

  1. Select Mail.

  2. Select and right-click an email message.

  3. Select Sender > Add to People.

    You can see the contact details.

  4. Select Add to Contacts.

  5. Edit the contact details, and then select Save & Close.

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Creating contacts is an easy way to stay in touch with your clients, customers, and colleagues, without having to remember all their email addresses and phone numbers.

You can add a contact manually, or I'll also show you how to add one directly from an email.

But first we need to get into our contacts, or address book, or as Microsoft calls it, People.

We do that by switching to the People tab down at the very bottom of the screen.

This is going to bring you into the Contacts screen, and it's got the ribbon toolbar just like the Mail area did.

I already have a contact in here, but let's create a new one.

To create a New Contact, click New Contact from the top left-hand side of the screen.

The cursor blinks where you can start entering data.

The first thing we're going to do is put in the First Name, and I can tab over to the Last Name.

I can put in as much or as little information as I want.

I can also make this screen bigger by clicking and dragging on the very bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

I can put in a job Title by moving the cursor where I need to input data, and I can tab over to whatever detail I wanna fill in.

Anywhere you see a plus sign means you can add a particular number.

For example, you can add multiple Phone Numbers for one person.

You can have multiple email addresses, multiple physical addresses, and you can add other personal fields, like age, spouse, children, interests, and even Custom Fields.

The Organization and Details tab are filled in by the Microsoft Exchange Server, so these aren't fields that you can fill in directly.

You can however, switch to the Notes tab, and write any particular note that you wanna remember about this contact.

You can also Add a picture to the user.

Double-click on the face icon to the left of their name to bring up a dialog box.

You can choose from recent photos, you can take a picture with the camera if you have an onscreen camera, or you can pick Other to browse and choose a photo on your file system.

I'm going to choose Victor's headshot.

I'll select it and click the blue Open button.

Now I can move his picture around on the screen, and I can also resize it.

When I'm happy with what I have, I'll click Done, and now I can see Victor.

When I'm all done creating the contact, I can click Save & Close on the left-hand side, and now he appears in my main contact list.

There's one more way to add a contact. We can add a contact directly from an email.

I'm gonna switch back to my Mail by clicking Mail on the bottom left-hand side of the computer, and now I'm gonna find a contact to add.

I'll add Jonathan.

I'm going to select his email, secondary click on his Name, choose Sender, and select Add to People.

It's going to pop up a dialog box where I can see his Name and Email Address.

I can see any details that have automatically filled in.

If I wanna Add him to my contact list, I can click Add to Contacts on the right-hand side.

It's going to turn it into an editable contact card.

I can then fill in the rest of the information about him just like we did with Victor.

When I'm all done, I can click Save & Close, and now if I click on People once more, I can see that Jonathan has been added.

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