Using Computer Audio Conferencing

Use Computer Audio if you would like to have both the meeting presenters and attendees connect to the meeting and listen to the audio and speak through their computer.

Note: In order to use Computer Audio, users must have a sound card, microphone to speak, and speakers or headset to listen to the audio.

To use Computer Audio Conferencing for a meeting

  1. On the My Home page, under Meet, click Schedule Meeting.

  2. Click Meeting Options.

  3. On the Meeting Options page, click Audio.

  4. In the Audio for this meeting list, click Computer audio conferencing.

    Note: If you only want the meeting attendees to be able listen to the audio using their computer and not speak, click Enable one-way Internet Audio Broadcasting.

  5. Click Save As Default to save the current meeting options as the defaults for future meetings.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • To close the Meeting Options page, click OK.

    • Or, click OK to set the meeting options for the current meeting and close the Meeting Options page.

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