Use sections in a PowerPoint 2016 for Mac presentation

By using sections, you can organize many slides into manageable groups. If you are working with many slides or collaborating with other people to create a presentation, you can use sections to quickly change the order of slides or group slides by author.

Note: You can add or change the order of sections in Slide Sorter view, or in the navigation pane in Normal view. However, sections do not appear in Outline view.

Add a section

  1. In Normal view, in the navigation pane, click the slide that will be the first slide of the section.

  2. On the Home tab, under click Section Section button , and then click Add Section.

  3. In the Section Name box, enter a name for the section, and then click Rename.

  4. To add more sections, select a new starting slide for the new section and repeat steps 2 and 3.

    Adding a second section

    The names you enter appear as headers above each section, followed by the number of slides in each section in parentheses.

Tip: Click the arrows next to the section names to collapse and expand sections.

Change the order of sections

  • In Normal view or Slide Sorter view, drag the section title to where you want it—for example, move the third section before the first section.

Change the name of a section

  • In Normal view or Slide Sorter view, double-click the section name and enter a new name in the Section Name box.

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